Below are the two covers that’ll be used for the paperback version of Abandoned Cars, which will be released in April. The intention behind having two different covers is to give them the feel of two different issues of a fictitious obscure Golden Era comic book. I’ve gone further in that direction by distressing the images to make them look like tattered old copies. Special thanks to my friend and art director at the Riverfront Times, Tom Carlson,  for showing me some techniques to accomplish the distressed look.

Here’s cover #1:

Below is cover #2:



  1. Uland Says:


  2. THE BEAT » Blog Archive » New ABANDONED CARS covers Says:

    […] occasional excess of shoe-gazing. Anyway, a paperback edition is coming out next year, and it will have two variant covers, recalling the dog-eared pulps of the past. One of them is above, but you’ll need to go to the […]

  3. Paul Chadwick Says:

    Love that ear-pull, and the “Gun-play” illo. Great typography and aging, too.

    Nice work.

    • timlane Says:

      Thanks, Paul. Very glad you liked it. The ear-pull came off looking kind of comical, but it wasn’t meant to. My older brother, who’s been in his fair share of fist fights, once told me that if, in a fight, things are going bad or you’re out-numbered, either grab the fingers and yank them until they break or grab for an ear, twist, and yank down: “That’ll take the piss right out of them”. His words were the inspiration for the fight scene in “The Drive Home” (one of the stories in Abandoned Cars). Thankfully, I’ve never had to yank anyone’s ear off or break any fingers!

  4. Klon Says:

    I’m in the middle of “Abandoned Cars;” it’s my favorite book to come out in a long time. I’ve needed new comic book artists to get me excited about the medium again; I’ve been reading the same few people for years now. Thanks for the great work!

    • timlane Says:

      Hey, thanks so much for the kind e-mail. I’m very glad to hear that Abandoned Cars is something that has turned you back on to comics. Also very glad to hear you like the strip. Thanks, again.

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