Above is the radio drama adaptation of the graphic story “SPIKE” (see earlier posts in the FOLKTALES category for pages of the original story) – one of the new graphic stories meant for publication in my book, FOLKTALES. I intend FOLKTALES to be packaged with an accompanying CD, which will include audio elaborations on a selected group of  stories from that volume (see earlier audio post in the FOLKTALES category, under the title PASSENGER). All of these audio experiments were produced in collaboration with Frank Oros. Rare indeed it is to find a collaborator who is so like-minded; I was extremely fortunate the day I met Frank. Also a special thanks to Andrea (“gee, honey…you look all done in”) Taylor, who supplied her wonderful voice and acting skills to both the ‘wife’ in the AMERICAN STANDARD AIR commercial, and the voice of the unnamed young hobo. Frank supplied the voice for the insane, older tramp, the announcer, and the AMERICAN STANDARD AIR jingle. I’m the NIGHTCRAWLER and the ‘husband’ in the commercial skit.

Be forewarned: There’s graphic violence, racist language, and other disturbing content in this radio drama.


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