Here are two new pages for the continuing story of the Second Class Citizen, who not only inhabited the pages of ABANDONED CARS, but will continue to do so in FOLKTALES. The Second Class Citizen stems from, and is inspired by, Dostoevsky’s NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, a book that I first read in high school and has captivated me ever since. In a sense, my second class citizen is my response to Dostoevsky’s underground man, as I believe whole-heartedly that a Dostoevsky’s 19th Century underground man could easily find his counterpart in the 21st Century. Graphically, I’m shooting for a kind of CABINET OF DOCTOR CALIGARI eeriness and architectural distortion, coupled by a F.W.Murnau kind of expressionism. Also very influential to the look and pacing of Second Class Citizen is Henning Carlsen’s film adaptation of Knut Hamsun’s HUNGER.


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