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September 23, 2009

revised arts & entertainment.150

Here’s the revised version of Arts & Entertainment. The art director decided – quite rightly – that the borders and frames of this piece needed to be more consistent with the other illustrations in the series. Hence the new hand-drawn typography and banner. I decided to leave the rest of the illustration frameless to emphasize the “vastness of space”, etc. I hope this’ll be the last time I upload a picture in this series. The love affair is over; the feeling’s gone. C’est la vie. Ooo-wa…ooo-wa…



September 21, 2009

bars & clubs.150

Think you already saw a Bars & Clubs illustration for the series? You’re right: It was Santa Claus getting a knee in the gut in the parking lot of a strip club. The client decided to use that for a different purpose, so I had to come up with a revised illustration. This new idea came to me in a dream, actually. Anyway, this is the last in the series.


September 21, 2009

goods & services.150

The client decided to go with colorized section seperators for this eight section project. All of the previous illustrations in this series are now in color, as well. The influence for this image came from, yet again, an old Dick Tracy newspaper daily form the 1930’s.


September 14, 2009

sports & recreation.150

Another in the Best of St Louis section pieces, SPORTS & RECREATION introduces Bad-Ass Burning Baby to the series. Burning Baby finds his origins in a poster I produced in collaboration with my friend Derek for a Halloween show being put on by a band called Dark Star Orchestra – a Grateful Dead cover band – in 2003. I thought that, for the Best of St Louis series, it would be interesting to pit the Burning Baby against a Kangaroo in some sort of boxing match – a sideshow event quite popular in the classic days of the traveling carnival. It seemed a great venue to show the full capacity of Burning baby’s menacing nature. To emphasize that point, I placed him in the famous pose first struck by Muhammad Ali over the body of a felled Sonny Liston in 1965. Below is the original Halloween poster in which Burning Baby made his debut:

DS ORCH #2. 150

I liked the menacing quality of the baby’s expression so much that I decided to include an echo of it in one of my absurdity posters (see the “absurdity projects” section of my website,, for more details). See below:


Here’s a picture of some of the absurdity posters in their final state: Pasted to a wall somewhere, in multiples. I couldn’t find a photo of a grouping that included the PLEASE DON’T CRY baby. I remember pasting some down in New Orleans a few years ago, but I can’t find the pictures I took.
absurdity posters

By the way, we have copies of this poster available. Let me know if you’re interested: They are $20 a piece.

Although Burning Baby has a traceable history, Kickapoo Kangaroo has not. Nor will he ever, most likely, be making another appearance anywhere else.


September 14, 2009

While I was searching for the PLEASE DON’T CRY absurdity poster, I stumbled across aonther one that I never put into production, and had, in fact, forgotten all about. So I decided to post it, for old time’s sake.

don't get cute.150

And, speaking of absurdity projects, below is a picture of myself with one of my lawn ornaments, MAN PRACTICING TAI-CHI. This picture was taken on Nantucket Island, I believe, in around 1959 0r 60. It was taken by my ex-wife Grace, who, as it turned out, never really loved me.

me & ornament


September 11, 2009


Another in the Best of St Louis series. Here we find Cap’n Clown in a different kind of scenerio.


September 2, 2009

bars & clubs.150.

This illustration came to me while I was watching the Royal Tenenbaums: The a scene in which Pagota stabs Royal with a pen knife and calls him a son-of-a-bitch. It seemed natural to me that a similar scene might perhaps take place in the parking lot of an East St Louis strip joint at dawn. I thought a stabbing would be a little brutal, though, so I went with a knee in the gut. I once saw three men dressed as Santa Claus hanging out together at a place called Pop’s, right next to the OZ. They were smoking cigarettes over drinks in the wee morning hours, and the scene was very strange, especially to the soundtrack of a band called Two-Dick Bob. And it was in the middle of the summer. At any rate, that’s why I chose Santa Claus as the victim of the beating shown above. I would’ve depicted the whole scene in the parking lot of Pop’s, but the parking lot outside of Pop’s isn’t as barren as the one outsize OZ. This turned out to be the most depressing scene I’ve ever illustrated.