5 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Greg Shepherd Says:

    Tim, perfectionist art if I’ve ever seen it! You’re really putting a lot of soul into the pen & inks, as usual.

  2. Lou Boxer Says:


    I love your work. Any interest in doing something with NoirCon 2010? Celebrating Noir and all that is Goodis!


    Lou Boxer

  3. rj shay Says:

    Tim, I would really like to talk with you about speaking to a bunch of like-minded cartoonists, illustrators and miscellaneous questionable types about your stuff. I’ve been watching you work for sometime and we need to meet you.
    The St. Louis Artists’ Guild has an illustrator’s section that I head and we’d love to get you over to our space to show us your work. I hope you’ll consider our invite. We’ve already had some really good folks wow us like Dan Zettwoch and Tom Huck. We love your work. Please give me a buzz. My number is on my website. I wasn’t sure how to contact you otherwise.



  4. Rj Shay Says:

    Tim, great work as usual. Are you doing any more film stuff?

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